Grant Logan Scottish designer goldsmith at work

Unique Gold Jewellery ~ Designed and Crafted in Scotland

Scottish goldsmith Grant Logan established his jewellery business in 1978 in his native Kintyre, on the west coast of Scotland. For 41 years he designed and created truly unique gold jewellery inspired by the lore, landscape and nature that surrounded him in this beautiful, unspoilt and remote location.

Grant Logan’s jewellery creations are renowned for having been executed with supreme craftsmanship to give his customers exquisite and unusual gold jewellery to be treasured, forever.

Grant wishes you to know that he feels humbled that customers from all over the world have chosen, often repeatedly, to come to him to have a special piece of jewellery designed and created by his hands.

In 2019 Grant took the difficult decision to retire. Having been passionate about his career and loved every piece of jewellery he has made, he wished to stop whilst he was free to do so rather than forced for reasons of health or age.

Thank you for looking at this website and sorry that Grant Logan is not accepting any further jewellery orders.

Unique Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality & Hand Crafted in The UK