Otter Gold Pendant Necklace ~ Marine Magic

yellow gold otter pendant necklace by Grant Logan yellow gold otter pendant necklace by Grant Logan
otter feeding

Nature Immortalised In Gold

One of Grant Logan's real talents is to make golden representations of animals. His local wildlife inspired jewellery is so realistic, you can almost see the muscles twitching and feel the wet fur on this gold otter pendant.
The sheer grace of an otter swimming in Campbeltown Loch inspired this three dimensional gold necklace, where the otter plays teasingly with his prey - here represented by the cultured pearl.
The photographs of this otter munching his breakfast were taken whilst walking beside Campbeltown Loch early one morning, and it made Grant's day!

9 carat Yellow Gold Necklace with a Cultured Pearl on an 18 inch 9 carat Gold Chain

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Unique Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Inspired by Nature & Hand Crafted in The UK