Gold Leaping Salmon Brooch ~ Marine Magic

yellow gold salmon brooch by Grant Logan

Nature Immortalised In Gold

A diamond adds a twinkle to the eye of a leaping salmon whose scaled back has been beautifully sculpted in this fine gold brooch.
Wild Atlantic salmon are part of our Scottish heritage, and their shimmering beauty and sheer determination is to be greatly admired.
In Celtic mythology the salmon was considered wise, appearing often in Celtic art to express this quality. One legend tells how, as a youth, a young man called Fionn accidentally burned his thumb while cooking the Salmon of Knowledge. He sucked his thumb to relieve the burning and in doing so he received stupendous wisdom. Perhaps wearing this stunning gold salmon brooch would have the same effect?

9 carat Yellow Gold Salmon Brooch with a 0.02 ct Diamond

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Unique Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Inspired by Nature & Hand Crafted in The UK